30 April, 22:30
Festival opening party
Admission: no special ticket required. Entrance by any ticket to any CITF event
On the territory of the former winery we spend the night and open the festival with Kirill & Friends team and DJs Janis @plasmatikkkk and Danja Radlov @dradlov
Ingiogatzau (sardinian) — Being playfully happy; joyful joking and playfulness.

Duende (spanish) — A heightened state of emotion, spirit and passion (often associated with art/dance).

Alharaca (Spansih) — An extreme or excessive behavioural demonstration of an emotion; making a fuss; becoming agitated; clamour, vociferation.
what you will feel:
what you need to know:
Danya Radlov has been DJing for 8 years, performing in Russia, Berlin, Dubai and other countries. He has performed at such iconic venues as Simach, Garage Museum, DFF and others. He experiments with a mix of genres: from disco, boogie, funk, italo-disco and afrobeat to house, electronica and popular music. Yiannis Plasmatik is the founder of Alternadiva party and has performed in clubs all over Cyprus and Europe: six d.o.g.s. (Athens), Club der Visionaere (Berlin), Veniceberg (Venice) and many others. His work field is deeply into house and techno

Entering the huge authentic venue on the territory of the Etko cluster, festival participants, as well as everyone who has purchased a ticket for any CITF event, will spend the opening night of CITF enjoying the sets of Cypriot and German DJs and the company of the actors from the Kirill & Friends company.
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We’re using words from
“The Positive Lexicography Project” by Tim Lomas