Festival Ticket

The Festival Ticket is a pass to the festival friends club. It guarantees access to private events offering a unique experience throughout the festival.

A festival ticket gives you access to a concierge service with personalized support from the organizers during the festival and special offers from our theater community. You will be the first to receive invitations to our events, private meetings, lectures and creative outings.

The Friends Club is a very intimate format, and tickets are very limited.
Get best seats to each of the CITF events

Talk to Evgeniy Kulagin, the director of Apocalypse Tomorrow at a discussion panel on the opening day of the festival

Enjoy VIP places at our opening party

Ask questions to Kirill Serebrennikov during the open talk and screening of his film Tchaikovsky’s Wife

Participate in an open talk with John Malkovich in THOC

Meet the playwright Ivan Vyrypaew to listen to him reading his play “The World of Beautiful Butterflies”

Stay overnight in the theatre with Micha Figa (Israel)

See the premiere of the site-specific play at Sha Mine Lake with director Paris Erotokritou
Exclusive events available only to festival ticket holders:
VAT included
12-13 jun
29 apr
1 may
16 may
2 jun
30 apr
For inquiries
14 jun