John Malkovich, Anastasya Terenkova
15 May, 19:00, Pattihio Theatre
16 May, 19:00, Pattihio Theatre


John Malkovich and a musical trio tell the story of a fascist poet, aviator, and murderer who drew poems in the sky before disappearing.
Charmolypi (greek, χαρμολύπη) — Sweet or ‘joy-making’ sorrow; mourning joy; happiness and sadness intermingled.

Nadryv (russian, надрыв) — An outburst of emotion or passion, often uncontrollable and possibly also irrational, when deeply hidden feelings are released.

Mono no aware (japanese, 物の哀れ) — Pathos of understanding the transiency of the world and its beauty.

what you will feel:
what you need to know:
"Infamous Ramirez Hoffman" is the final chapter from the book "Nazi Literature in the Americas" by the outstanding Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño. It's an encyclopedia of fictional biographies of right-wing and fascist writers active on the American continent in the 20th and 21st centuries. Being mediocre nobodies, they wrap themselves in a pathetic heroic myth — now the text sounds extremely topical. To feel how piercing the Malkovich and Terenkova duo works, one can refer to segments from their previous collaboration "Report on The Blind," where Schnittke's concert is combined with text by the Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato about how the blind rule the world.

On stage there are two pianos, a violin, and an accordion; the trio plays captivating and energetic music, to which the Oscar-nominated actor John Malkovich begins to recite a text so absorbing that you forget where you are. Malkovich's voice becomes the fourth musical instrument in this piece; he carries you through the remarkable story of the far-right Chilean poet and soldier Ramirez Hoffman, who wrote pretentious poems in the sky with airplane smoke, killed several people, and then vanished.
what happens:
We’re using words from
“The Positive Lexicography Project” by Tim Lomas

Text: Roberto Bolaño

Astor Piazzolla
Alfred Schnittke
Leonid Desyatnikov
Johann Paul von Westhoff
Gerardo Matos Rodriguez
Sergey Akhunov
Alberto Iglesias
Antonio Vivaldi
Fazil Say
Efim Rosenfeld
Lera Auerbach
Max Richter
Eric Satie
Giovanni Sollima

Narration: John Malkovich

Piano: Anastasya Terenkova

Violin: Alissa Margulis

Bandoneon: Per Arne Glorvigen
Infamous Ramirez Hoffman:
Music-theatre dialogue for violin, bandoneon, piano and narrator сreated by Anastasya Terenkova and John Malkovich