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Alharaca (Spanish) — An extreme or excessive behavioral demonstration of an emotion; making a fuss; becoming agitated; clamor, vociferation.

Mbuki-mvuki (Swahili) — Lit. to take off in flight (mbuki), to dance wildly (mvuki); to shed clothes to dance; possible origins of the phrase 'boogie woogie'.

Hwyl (Welsh) — A stirring feeling of emotional motivation and energy; a melodic fervor; ecstatic inspiration; a chanting style of preaching; mood; fun.

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“The Positive Lexicography Project” by Tim Lomas
A cult figure in the world of contemporary dance, Naharin is not just an outstanding choreographer under whose leadership the Israeli company Batsheva became truly international — he also invented his own movement culture: Gaga. Several documentaries have been made about Naharin and his creative method: "Mr. Gaga," "Hora," and "Out of Focus." Even before becoming a world-renowned choreographer, he danced in the companies of Martha Graham and Maurice Béjart, two dance legends.
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A deafening dance adventure that blows the mind and blurs the line between dancers and spectators.

You sit on stage with the dancers; the performers of the Batsheva Dance Company dance in such a way that you feel as if you are the one dancing. Then, you're actually invited to share the stage with the performers. No matter your age, audience members leave with the feeling that they're five years old again
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