It happened so that the theatre artists we love are adored by millions of people around the world — because they're authentic and striking and surprising. Because their work makes you feel something special, makes you cry and laugh and daze, makes you imagine that the better world is possible. Now we bring those artists to Cyprus.
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Kirill Serebrennikov
Six people in one room find our that the world will end in an hour. In the next 60 minutes, through dance, sex, despair, rage and joy, they explore what it is to be human
1 May, 19:00
Kirill & Friends
ApocalYpse tomorrow
(Berlin, Germany)
29-30 April, 20:00
Rio Cinema Limassol
Pattihio Theatre
(Berlin, Germany)
Conversation with Kirill Serebrennikov + screening of Tchaikovsky’s Wife, a tragic horror from the life of 19th century bohemians, in which Tchaikovsky's wife Antonina slowly goes mad while her husband falls in love with other people
Open Talk
+ screening of
"Tchaikovsky’s Wife"
(USA, France)
Music-theatre dialogue for violin, bandoneon, piano and narrator сreated by Anastasya Terenkova and John Malkovich
John Malkovich, Anastasya Terenkova
Infamous Ramirez Hoffman
15 May, 19:00
16 May, 19:00
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Pattihio Theatre
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CITF is the event of the year in Cyprus. We are bringing 5 (five!) great theatrical performances from the world's most famous teams, as well as a side program of film screenings, discussions, parties and workshops. We look forward to getting closer to you: a festival ticket will secure the best seats to all events at once
We ourselves are still amazed at how diverse theater can be. Our festival will help you see this diversity with your own eyes and feel it with your own body. We bring in different artists working with diverse mediums, but they're united in making theatre the way it should be: staggering and mind-blowing.
On this festival you’ll not only watch and listen — you’ll be talking and asking questions and dancing Gaga, you’ll visit five countries without even leaving Cyprus and you’ll know something new about the others and yourself. Because artists we bring in cannot live without an audience ready to be amased and to participate, to be generous and grateful. And that is you