The Only Thing You Need to Know About Derrida
Paris Erotokritou
14-15-16 June
Shia Red Lake
16 June
A few years ago, Cyprus was shaken by the terrifying - and accidental - disclosure of the murdering of immigrant women by a native respectful citizen. We gather at a lake alluding to the real events in an attempt to understand something deep and ominous about the Cyprus culture.
Qualunquismo (Italian) — An attitude of apathy, indifference, or disgust towards politics.

Weltschmerz (German) — World-weariness, world-hurt; causeless melancholy; existential sadness (e.g., relating to despair at the state of the world).

Tikkun olam (Hebrew, תיקון עולם) — 'Repair of the world'; a Jewish aspiration to act constructively and beneficially; social action and the pursuit of justice
what you will feel:
what you need to know:
Director Paris Erotokritou and playwright Yorgos Trillidis in this work attempt to hold a mirror up to Cypriot society. The staging of the play is conceived as an art installation, posing questions many of us would not think existed.

You arrive at Sha Mine Lake, a toxic reservoir with blood-red water, acting as the main character of this site-specific performance. In the stunning landscape of the copper mines surrounding the lake, four performative scenes unfold, involving professional Cypriot actors and Filipinos speaking in their native language. The whole place becomes a gigantic installation that gradually assimilates the spectators - the citizens of the society in question. This site-specific project is an immersive theatre experience resulting in a show that aims to serve as an exposé of contemporary Cyprus culture.
what happens:
We’re using words from
“The Positive Lexicography Project” by Tim Lomas
One of the most interesting Cypriot directors of contemporary theater. His work focuses on modernizing literary classics and creates sharp social, satirical, and political works. He has worked with major theaters and theater companies in Cyprus and Europe, such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, Cheek by Jowl, National Youth Theatre, Cyprus National Theatre and others. He founded his own theater group, Fresh Target Theatre Ensemble. In addition to theater, he makes films and, together with Demetres Soteriou, created the satirical comic "A History’s Footnote or A Brief History of New Cyprus" which analyzes contemporary Cypriot politics by placing the island in a fictional context
Paris Erotokritou