Mitcha Figa
12-13 June, 19:30, The Warehouse


Six actors in red suits push themselves to the limit in a surreal setting to answer the question – can a person live in a world of ambition and achievement without leaving a trace. After the performance, the audience sleeps on stage.

Kos (Norwegian) — Cosiness, warmth, intimacy; kose as a verb; koselig as an adjective.

Sukha (Sanskrit, सुख) — Stable and lasting happiness (not dependent upon conditions).

Bēi xî jiāo jí (Chinese, 悲喜交集) — Intermingled feelings of sadness and joy.

what you will feel:
what you need to know:
Mitcha Figa is a new cultural venture by globally recognized Israeli director Yehezkel Lazarov. As part of this project, the creative team organizes semi-annual theater seasons, focusing on one central masterpiece (in this case, Ivan Goncharov's novel Oblomov) and developing interdisciplinary activities around it.

On stage there are six actors in expressive red suits surrounded by pieces of furniture. Something is happening all the time. Through physical and dramatic theater, dance, performance and video art, the performance team tries to answer the question: in the world where everything drives us to accomplishments, achievements and competition, can a person live without leaving a trace? After the performance, the team will offer you a sleepover party, so we all can fall asleep on the theater stage to a nightly DJ set.

what happens:
We’re using words from
“The Positive Lexicography Project” by Tim Lomas
Director: Yehezkel Lazarov
Lighting design: Yair Vardi
Video design: Ran Slavin
Producer: Omer Cohen Boulonger
Performer: Irina Orlov
DJ: Itzik Gil Avizohar

Adam Moshe Gabay
Shirah Naor
Vladimir Friedman
Tali Sharon
Alon Barel
Gilad Kletter

Length of show: 90 mins

the Superfluous Man:
A new play by Israeli director Yehezkel Lazarov, a theatrical adaptation of Russian classic “Oblomov” by Ivan Goncharov